Based at 1a Hibbert Rd, Barrow.
Fiesta Outside Caterers is probably the oldest outside catering company in Barrow. Believed to be over 42 years old and started its existence as part of The Hot Potato in William St, Barrow.
In the ownership of its current owners , Bill and Sharon since 2001. Fiesta was operated alongside their other company, Fax a Snack which they owned from 2001 till 2018.
They then sold Fax a Snack to semi-retire and concentrate part time on party catering at Hibbert Rd.
With the Covid19 outbreak in 2020, Fiesta diversified into providing pie and peas lunches but on a much lesser scale.
Customers started requesting small buffet "components" such as a platter of sandwiches, sausage rolls or a quiche.
Hence the formation of Fiesta Build a Buffet. This will run until after the lockdown and beyond if there is a demand.